Road Closure Information

By permission of the Perry county road commissioners, portions of the following roads will be temporarily closed during the afternoon hours on Saturday, October 27th 2012 for the Perryville Farm and Forest Rally. If you live or have property along the road, please plan your day in order to avoid the road closure time. Home and land owners are welcome to watch the rally from their property at safe location along the route. Please be in place 30 minutes before the start of the stage.

General Rally Information:

  • Approximately 1 hour before the start of the stage, you will see a group of people (all volunteers) setting up the course. This will include placing the start and finish controls and hanging banner tape across the road at intersections, trails, and entrances.
  • 30 minutes before the start, you will see a vehicle with the number double zero “00” travel down the course to make sure everyone is in position and the road is ready for competition vehicles. Once this vehicle is on the course, the road is closed to public traffic for the duration of the stage.
  • 10 minutes before the start, you will see a second vehicle with the number zero “0” travel down course as a second safety check. After this vehicle passes by, expect to see competition cars within a few minutes.
  • For the next 20 to 30 minutes, you will see competition cars on the road. Only these vehicles are allowed on the road.
  • After all competition cars have started the stage, you will see a series of “sweep” vehicles close behind. These vehicles provide assistance in case a car has gone off the road.
  • Once all competition cars and sweep vehicles have cleared the stage, you will see a vehicle with a green light on top and the number nine hundred ninety nine “999” on the side. This vehicle signals that competition has ended and the stage road is now safe and open for public vehicles. Because we are repeating stages (for instance stage 1 and 2 are run back-to-back) you will not see this vehicle after the first running of the stage. The road will remain closed between the two stages and reopen after the second running.

We thank you for working with us during these brief road closures. We hope you enjoy our event and help us run a safe and fun event for our competitors, volunteers, spectators, and you.

Below are image files of the roads that will be closed.  Click on each image for a larger version.  Or, download a PDF document of all of the maps.

Overview Map:


Stage 1 & 2:County Road 322
Road closed approximately from:
11:50am – 1:45pm


Stage 3 & 4:County Road 420 & 422
Road closed approximately from:
12:50pm – 2:50pm


Stage 5 & 7:County Road 454, 456, & 458
Road closed approximately from:
3:10pm – 4:30pm, 4:40pm – 5:40pm


Stage 6 & 8:County Road 448, 446, 438, &444
Road closed approximately from:
3:35pm – 5:00pm, 5:10pm – 6:10pm