New regional rally

It’s my pleasure to announce the new fall MO rally called the Show-Me Rally: Washington County on Dec. 6 of this year. It will be based in Potosi, MO and will use some 100AW roads but hopefully some new ones too.

It will be a small one day rally in the same mode as Perryville was. There’s still lots of details to work out, but we have permission from the county, a FB page, and are well on the way in the planning stages.

The HQ will be the Super 8 in Potosi.

It’s not our intention to have a winter rally, but anything is possible weather wise. Will post any other details as they become available on our new FaceBook page and our new website.

FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Show-Me-Rally/288806911323458
Website: http://showmerally.100aw.org
Twitter: @ShowMeRally

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On Thursday, July 3, representatives from the 100 Acre Wood Performance Rally Group along with members of the Perryville Chamber of Commerce, and interested Perry County residents attended the Perry County Commission meeting to discuss the 2014 Perryville Farm & Forest Rally.

Unfortunately, after much discussion, the Commissioners decided not to host the Perryville Farm & Forest Rally again.

I’m sure that the entire PFFR Committee will agree when I say that Perry County is a beautiful area with great roads and even better people. We sincerely appreciate all of the support of the Perryville Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, and of the residents who supported us. Without them, this event wouldn’t have happened in the first place. We hope that there may be a chance in the future to bring an event back to Perry County.

As for the future, the 100 AWPRG is working hard find a suitable replacement for this event on the calendar. I apologize for the delay in relaying this news, but I promise we are hard at work trying to keep everyone on the road.

We will post more information as it becomes available.

Jon Fugina
Perryville Farm & Forest Rally

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2013 Results

The results for the 2013 Perryville Farm and Forest rally are now official.


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Bulletin 1

Bulletin 1 has been posted.  The rally has increased the maximum number of entries to 25.